PT Putra Rajawali Azwadzah is an outsourcing service provider that focuses on security, general outsourcing and cleaning services. Founded in 2017, our organization consists of personnel with good and experienced skills, very committed to serving and supporting the business of our clients.

Our ability to find prospective workers with the right profile has produced a high quality workforce in accordance with the demands of our clients. By entrusting our professional team to handle non-core activities, our clients can become more competitive and more focused on achieving their vision and mission.


About Us




We also have personal and office driver services. we are here to meet the needs of personal drivers and corporate drivers in the territory of Indonesia. We provide reliable, licensed, and experienced drivers for various types of private cars (small vehicles).

 We are a company engaged in outsourcing. One of our services is Tangerang Outsourcing Cleaning Service. We have HR who are ready to help care for and maintain the cleanliness of your building assets.

We provide trained and skilled security personnel who ad here to procedures that are licensed to be positioned in various locations such as offices, factories, banks, hospitals, recreation areas, schools, and shopping centers. To achieve our optimal security in protecting client assets, we have a great responsibility in providing a complete security team from the Head of Security, Team Leader and security officers on a 24 hour, 365 day basis.



One of our services is engaged in catering services catering services with business segments such as offices and factories (office and factory catering services). Our office and factory catering service products are all done with reference to the concept of fresh food, sanitation, halal hygiene, and on time.

As a Professional Manpower Provider Company, we assist you in preparing support services such as administrative labor, couriers, mechanical electrics, receptionists, call centers, remainding retention, installation technicians, withdrawal technicians, withdrawal technicians, troubleshoting technicians, upselling, etc .

In terms of sales / marketing / marketing executive needs, our Door To Door Marketing, Recuitment is used and ready to support the needs of the division so that we can help your company grow and become more famous in the community.




Layanan Kami

"Senang bekerjasama dengan PT. PRA personil nya profesional dan komitmen, maju terus PRA"

"PT. PRA  mampu

menunjukan kerjasama dan komitmen yang luar biasa terhadap kepuasan pelanggan"

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Testimoni Our Client 

Sebagai HRD disalah satu perusahaan swasta, saya merasa sangat terbantu oleh PT. PRA , Luar biasa  sepuluh kali event di satu bulan penuh PT. PRA sanggup menyediakan SPG dan SPB yang handal.  

 Ibu Anna 



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